We are ARION, and this is how we make a difference.

At ARION, we want both owners and their pets to enjoy the time of their lives. That means that only the best care is good enough. Our guiding principle? Respect for nature. It provides us with the very best ingredients, which we then process into healthy meals packed with nutrients. To achieve this, we continuously invest in innovative production methods and smart processes.

Smart processes for healthy, tasty foods.

Thanks to our innovative production process, we can guarantee that our ingredients keep their nutritional value and taste after we process them - for nutritious, easily digestible and tasty foods that support your pet in every stage of his development.

The best of nature
Innovative production
Sustainability first
Our products are carefully crafted by nutrition experts. Every ingredient is carefully dosed to guarantee the perfect composition.

Sustainability in every step.

From our search for local ingredients to the sustainable transport of our recyclable packaging, we give the best of ourselves every step of the way when it comes to sustainability. We are genuinely passionate about making the world a better place for owners and animals. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact starts with our preference for locally produced ingredients. During the production process itself, we use biofilters, LED lights and solar energy in our facilities. We recycle and sort our waste meticulously. We choose sustainable transport to shops.

Preference for local ingredients
Use of renewable energy sources
Recycling of heat and water
Smart waste sorting
Sustainable transport