ARION Original Large 32/19

ARION Original Large 32/19

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Have a large four-footed friend at home? The large kibbles in ARION Original Large 32/19 provide a meal tailored perfectly to your pet’s size. With extra support for joints, the immune system, skin and coat.

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2 kg 7.5 kg
Multifactorial approach to good oral health.
Increased dose of omega 3 fatty acids promote a healthy, shiny coat.
Larger kibble specially developed for larger cat breeds.

What we put in

ARION Original is gluten-free, the recipes contain no wheat, rye or barley. Our ingredients are purchased GMO-free and unnecessary additives such as flavourings and colourings are not added.

With chicken meat meal (dehydrated 45%), rice, refined animal fat, peas, potato meal, hydrolised chicken liver, refined cellulose, beet pulp, sodium chloride, yeast, psyllium husk, refined fish oil, hydrolised collagen, yeast extracts, M.O.S., F.O.S., plant extracts (Rosemarinus sp., Curcuma sp., Citrus sp., Eugenia sp.)


    Crude protein (%) 32
    Crude fat (%) 19
    Crude fibre (%) 1.8
    Crude ash (%) 7.4
    Calcium (%) 1.45
    Phosphor (%) 1.1
    Omega-3 (%) 0.5
    Vitamin A (I.U./kg) 3a672a 22000
    Vitamin D3 (I.U./kg) 3a671 1800
    Vitamin E (mg/kg) 3a700 150
    Iron (mg/kg) 3b103 98
    Iodine (mg/kg) 3b202 2.4
    Copper (mg/kg) 3b413 10
    Manganese (mg/kg) 3b506 8
    Zinc (mg) 3b607 135
    Selenium (mg/kg) 3b815 0.1