ARION for dogs

ARION Essential

ARION Essential contains all essential extracts of plant origin, meat and animal by-products. Crafted with an optimal blend of grains, oils, fats and minerals.

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ARION Essential
Support for all vital functions
All essential nutrients
Complete and well-balanced


ARION Fresh contains fresh meat for a delicious taste, oils and healthy fats for a healthy coat and whole grains to support bodily functions. Fresh from our local partners.

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With fresh meat
Whole-grain cereals
The best of nature

ARION Original

ARION Original is gluten-free, the recipes contain no wheat, rye or barley. Our ingredients are purchased GMO-free and unnecessary additives such as flavourings and colourings are not added.

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ARION Original
Gluten-free recipe
High quality animal protein
Delicious & easily digestible


ARION Care is a range whereby every meal deals with a (future) health concern of your adult dog. They all contain unique GOS Prebiotics and Probiotic beneficial for the intestines and the immune system.

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Unique GOS Prebiotics and Probiotic
Veterinary Developed