ARION Fresh Adult Small Food Bag

ARION Fresh Adult Small

For dogs of less than 10 kg
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For your little ball of energy. ARION Fresh Adult Small was specifically developed for adult dogs of up to 10 kilograms in terms of shape, size and nutrients.

Pack sizes

3 kg 7.5 kg
Herbs and dried yeast to strengthen his immunity.
Flaxseed, zinc and biotin to keep his skin and hair healthy.
Vitamins and minerals to boost his vitality.
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What we put in

Only the very best is good enough for your best friend forever. That’s why our nutritionists selected these high-quality ingredients and nutrients for your dog: meat and animal derivatives (of which 4% fresh chicken), cereals (of which 14% whole grain wheat), derivatives of vegetable origin (including nettle, gentian, marigold, chamomile, fennel), oils and fats, seeds (lin seed), minerals, yeast.


    Crude protein (%) 28
    Crude fat (%) 12
    Crude fibre (%) 3
    Crude ash (%) 7.5
    Calcium (%) 1.6
    Phosphor (%) 1.15
    Vitamin A (I.U.) 3A672 14500
    Vitamin D3 (I.U.) 3A671 1250
    Vitamin E (mg) 3A700 100
    E1 iron (mg) 3B103 60
    E2 iodine (mg) 3B202 60
    E4 copper (mg) 3B405 7
    E5 manganese (mg) 3B503 6.5
    E6 zinc (mg) 3B605 102
    E8 selenium (mg) 3B815 0.05