Delicious food for dogs and cats.

At ARION, we treasure the friendship between you and your four-legged companion. Thanks to our various ranges of healthy, high-quality pet food, we are confident that your pet will get the nutrition it needs.

Find the right pet food in our range.

Discover the healthy, great-tasting pet food with high nutritional value that is best suited for your favourite four-legged friend.

For dogs

Every dog is different. You will find the right pet food in our range.

Our range for dogs

For cats

From adventurer to stay-at-home animal: your cat deserves good food tailored to its needs.

Our range for cats

Giving the best of ourselves.

For those whose company we enjoy, no effort is too great. We give each other the attention we each deserve. We experience wonderful moments together. We give the very best care. And only the very best products are good enough.

That is why at ARION, we want to make the relationship between owner and dog even better. Healthier, smarter and longer. This motivates us to give our best each and every day.

Starting with the best of nature.

Nature gives us the best it has to offer. Our innovative production process gets the most nutritional value out of every ingredient. This results in healthier animals that live longer. And is also why our pet food is so often recommended by veterinarians.

Keep on innovating and listening.

We continuously improve our unique production system. For example, we have the most automated system with the lowest number of errors. And if a customer suggests a possible improvement, we consider it right away and make changes if necessary.

Sustainable every step of the way.

At ARION, we want to help make the world a better place – for you, your faithful four-legged friend and the generations to come. Sustainability is truly the focus of our entire process, from the choice of ingredients and processing into meals to packaging in the shop.

The very best in return.

And for us that means a healthy pet, a happy owner and a lifelong friendship. It is the reason why we develop pet food that is genuinely right for your four-legged friend.