ARION Original Grain-Free Adult All Breeds Salmon&Potato

ARION Original Grain-Free Adult All Breeds Salmon&Potato

Dogs weighing more than 10 kg.
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ARION Original Adult GRAIN-FREE is a 100% grain-free pet food for dogs with a food intolerance, digestive problems or allergies. High-quality ingredients keep your four-legged friend in top condition.

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12 kg

What we put in

ARION Original is gluten-free, the recipes contain no wheat, rye or barley. Our ingredients are purchased GMO-free and unnecessary additives such as flavourings and colourings are not added.

With dried potato (26%), dried salmon (26%), peas, animal fat, hydrolized animal protein, beet pulp, minerals, refined cellulose, dried brewer’s yeast, fish oil, M.O.S., F.O.S., ß-glucans, plant extracts (Rosmarinus sp., Vitis sp., Curcuma sp., Citrus sp., Eugenia sp.)


    Crude protein (%) 26
    Crude fat (%) 16
    Crude fibre (%) 2
    Crude ash (%) 7
    Calcium (%) 1.25
    Phosphor (%) 0.9
    Vitamin A (I.U./kg) 3a672a 20000
    Vitamin D3 (I.U./kg) 3a671 1700
    Iron (mg/kg) 3b103 76
    Iodine (mg/kg) 3b202 2
    Copper (mg/kg) 3b405 9
    Manganese (mg/kg) 3b503 9
    Zinc (mg/kg) 3b605 120
    Selenium (mg/kg) 3b815 0.06